How to make money on bitcoins without buying bitcoins

How to make money on bitcoins

How to make money on bitcoins

As bitcoin became more and more expensive, many investors wondered whether they should invest in the crypto currency market. If you are not yet ready to buy bitcoins (Bitcoin) or ethers for investment purposes, perhaps you should consider other ways to invest in crypto currency and technology behind them.

Companies that work with bitcoin and blocking technology One way to make money on the growing popularity of bitcoin is to invest in companies that buy bitcoins themselves or invest in the blockade. It is worthwhile to clarify: it’s not about buying a stake in a company whose only business is investing in bitcoin. Most of these companies are extremely difficult to assess, and in addition, investing in securities resembling penny stocks is a good way to lose all the money. Instead, it is worth considering companies such as Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), which in 2015 held a round of funding for the startup Circle Internet Financial. As part of Goldman Sachs there is an investment unit of Principal Strategic Investments Group, focused on investments in financial and technological projects, that is, technologies that Goldman could apply in his own business. Goldman is just one example of a well-established company that could take advantage of bitcoin.

How to make money on bitcoins

Companies that take bitcoin for payment Another way to try to make money on the growing popularity of bitcoin is to invest in a company that takes bitcoins as payment for their goods or services. At the same time, while retail itself does not show very good results, it is therefore necessary to select investment objects with caution, especially when it comes to offline retailers. However, there are several companies that take bitcoins and who, it seems, have a great future. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of companies that are now allowed to settle with bitcoins. (NASDAQ: OSTK) is the first major online store that started taking bitcoins for payment more than three years ago. Overstock cooperates with Bitcoin-Exchange Coinbase, which provides an opportunity to pay for order by bitcoins immediately when it is issued. Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) is an e-commerce platform that allows sellers on it to accept payments in bitcoins. Since Shopify employs more than 400 thousand sellers, it can provide a significant amount of transactions in bitcoins. Satellite TV provider DISH Network (NASDAQ: DISH) is another Coinbase partner, using its tools to accept payment in bitcoins and the first TV provider offering to pay subscription in this way. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) accepts bitcoins for payment for its products and services. In particular, the company allows customers to use bitcoin to replenish their Microsoft accounts, and then use these funds for purchases in the company’s online stores. Bitcoin Investment Trust: Be careful Another investment tool that makes sense is Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC), managed by Grayscale Investments and owning 173,594 bitcoins. The fund was created in order to allow investors to accumulate funds and buy bitcoins like shares of companies or exchange funds, without opening accounts on the bitcoin-exchange and not buying directly from crypto currency. This is not the best way to invest in bitcoins. The fact is that the current market capitalization of the trust is much, almost 2 times, higher than the value of the bitcoins that belong to it. In addition, he charges a commission of 2%, which is quite a lot. Therefore, investing in the trust investors may lose significant amounts, even if the price of bitcoin continues to grow. It’s better to buy bitcoins on your own.

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