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Bitcoin exchanges — Popular Currencies Exchange

Bitcoin exchanges
Popular Currencies Exchange
Popular Currencies Exchange


Popular Currencies Exchange
Bitcoin exchanges / For the purchase, sale and exchange of crypto-currencies (in other words, a digital currency), the network operates a special exchange. Accounts on them are anonymous and can not be frozen. Payments can not be stopped indefinitely or canceled. Today we will talk about the most popular and large crypto-exchanges.


Poloniex is a crypto currency exchange that supports more than 140 trading pairs. It was registered in the USA in 2014 and operates in English. Today the number of visitors in the «online» mode is on average 5387.
The exchange supports Fibonacci levels, has various timeframes and clear detailed schedules. One of its main advantages is convenient navigation: news, chat, markets (BTC \ USDT \ XMR) — all presented on one screen.
Markets are sorted by several parameters, including price changes, volumes, alphabet. You can customize your favorite pairs. Trades on the markets reach considerable sizes: 134272.130 USDT, 5328.618 XMR, 62529.825 BTC. The daily volume is also large: 60,000 BTC or $ 28,264,115. If we talk about fork turnover, then Poloniex is among the top exchanges.
There are bidding statistics with all the details. As for verification, it is present, but it is not mandatory.
In March 2016 the Poloniex exchange switched to the «maker-taker» model. The commission fee is:
0-0.15% for the maker;
0,1-0,25% for the taker.
Special attention deserves the support service in the chat. The user does not need to scribble tickets and wait for their consideration 24 hours. It is enough to turn to the moderator through chat, and he will instantly react and tell you how to solve this or that problem.


EXMO is a universal service that is actively used by more than 240 users. The Exchange team positions itself as professionals from different parts of the world. For us, the fact that Russian guys work there is important.
There are six types of currencies in circulation for EXMO: USD, EUR, LTC, DOGE, BTC, RUB. The exchange provides several options for withdrawal and currency entry. You can use popular payment systems, such as VISA / MASTERCARD, «Yandex Money», WebMoney, QIWI. The commission amount is only 0.2% of the transaction size.
To each of its clients EXMO provides an opportunity to participate in the «Referral Program», according to which you receive 25% of the commission fee for each successful transaction by your referral. Obviously, this is rather a pleasant bonus, and not a kind of passive income.
In addition, the EXMO team took care of professional traders and developed a special tool for them:
Stopploss (allows you to limit losses);
Trailingstop (to deactivate the field with the sale price and introduce a different value into it);
Issuance of credits; Bitcoin exchanges
Warrant of purchase-sale. Actual for the purchase of currency at a price below the market and for its subsequent sale at a cost established directly by the client.
To start working on the exchange, you need to click on the «Start» button — it is on the main page of the official website of the exchange. After registering in the «Profile-Verification» section, you must specify a surname, first name and patronymic, and also load a scan of the passport. The «Wallet» tab is intended for entering any currency necessary for the user.
An important difference between EXMO and other exchanges is that it works with both conventional and crypto-currencies. To see the course for all pairs, track the schedule for the desired period, you need to open the «Bidding» tab.

Trading on the exchange is safe, and the service is very convenient to use. The site operates in both English and Russian. The interface can be called elementary: to learn it enough a couple of minutes. EXMO provides protection of accounts from hacking and theft of money by third parties. EXMO’s crypto currency exchange functions on the principle: the main thing is quality interaction with users and full satisfaction of their needs.

This exchange was registered in 2014, today it supports several trading pairs: BTC / EUR, BTC / USD, BTC / RUR, EMC / USD, EMC / BTC, LTC / BTC, LTC / EUR, LTC / USD, etc.
The main advantages of crypto-exchange are the following:
There is nothing superfluous here — only the demanded crypto currency, available for a variety of trading operations;
The withdrawal of the crypto currency into the wallet is possible in unlimited quantities and in minimum time;
Operative receipt of fiat money on the account. For their listing on the stock exchange practiced in many different ways;
Elementary exchanger. You can not only buy / sell currency, but also make other money transactions — in particular, exchange;
Ability to work with electronic payment systems: OkPay, — Payeer, Capitalist, PerfectMoney;
The Exchange implements a bonus program with a flexible rate for charging compensations to liquidity providers: from 0.01 to 0.1%;
The site functions not only in English, but also in Russian.

The peculiarity of the Bitfinex exchange is that the possibility of margin trading is realized here. In the role of investors, that is, providers of liquidity, are the users of the site — they provide crypto currency in loans to traders. Commission for the use of funds is an income item.
There are three types of accounts on the exchange:
Exchange. Standard account for normal trading operations;
Total Return SWAP. An account intended for investment. Transfer to it currency is only if you want to create a proposal for traders. The user assigns the amount, daily commission and credit period (from two days to a month);
Margin Trade. Funds from these types of accounts are used for margin trading. All transactions are made with borrowed funds from investors. In this case, the trader does not have the right to withdraw money from investors, and any trade deal must be completed counter-transaction.
The size of the commission charged by the exchange from liquidity providers (investors) for the use of funds is 15%. Tariffs for withdrawing and entering USD by bank transfer 0.1% of the amount, which, by the way, can not be less than USD. LTC and BTC commission are not charged.
To start working on the Bitfinex exchange, you need to register and go through the verification procedure by sending a scan of your passport. In addition, you will need a document confirming the address of residence — for example, scanned utility bills.


CEX.IO has been operating since 2013. This is a multi-functional platform that supports limit and market order types. It works both with fiat (USD, EUR, RUB), and with crypto-currencies (BTC, LTC, MYR, AUR, DOGE, DASH, USDe, NMC, IXC, FTC, DGB, POT, ANC, MEC, WDC).
Input and output of crypto currency is carried out automatically with a nominal commission. Fiat currencies are displayed on Mastercard and Visa payment cards. Possible bank transfer, as well as Skrill, SEPA, AstroPay.
The interface supports several languages: English, Russian, Italian and Chinese.

Cryptonit has been operating since 2012 and is a trading platform for the sale and purchase of Crypto-currency for the euro and dollars. The Exchange owns Cryptonit Solutions Ltd, an English company that works closely with the British regulatory body FCA. Bitcoin exchanges
The following trading pairs are supported:
Various systems are available for withdrawal and deposit of funds, including International Wire Transfer, Instant SOFORT, AstropayCard, AstropayDirect, OKPay, Banking, etc.
For the verification of customers, the exchange offers two methods. So, you can send a scan of the passport, a document confirming the address of residence, as well as a photo on which you hold the above mentioned documents. If to you such variant does not approach, you can spend a short video interview with the employee of a stock exchange. In it you will demonstrate the necessary documents.
Like many similar exchanges, Cryptonit offers its customers to participate in the affiliate program. There are three options for cooperation:
In the presence of a trading application, assign orders to the orders and earn at the expense of the commission from the transaction;
Involve customers through a referral link;
If you have your own Miningpool, create accounts through the Affiliate API directly from the personal interface.
Solve any problems and answer all questions is ready to support. To contact her, you just need to call the phone numbers (English or Russian), create a ticket or send an email. All contact details are listed on the official website of the exchange.



BTC-Trade operates with the following crypto-currencies: LTC, BTC, PPC, DOGE, DRK, CLR, NVC, RMS. The funds can be withdrawn to the plastic coil Visa and MasterCard. The amount of commissions is:
1.3% on the card of the Ukrainian bank;
1.95 dollars + 1% on the foreign bank card.
The Exchange offers its users to participate in an affiliate program that consists of three levels. By registering in the service, you get a personal link that you can share with friends and acquaintances. Anyone who crosses it and registers on the exchange, automatically becomes your partner, and you receive a commission.


The Kraken exchange was founded in 2011 by a company from San Francisco. Trading operations are conducted by crypto (BTC, LTC, NMC, NSP, XDG, XVN) and fiat (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP) currencies.
Crypto currency is displayed and replenished automatically with a nominal commission. Dollars and euros — by bank transfer, as well as ABA for USD, SWIFT and SEPA for EUR. The commission is 0.2% and decreases with the increase in trade turnover.
Several levels of verification are available on the exchange: the higher it is, the more opportunities for trading open before the user:
At the zero level, one can only observe;
At the first level, the input, output and trade in digital currencies are allowed. On the second — also national;
At the third and fourth levels, the limits on the turnover of funds increase.

The exchange was established in 2011 in Shanghai. Today it is the world leader in terms of trading volume. BTCCHINA provides a variety of services, so Exchange users can actively work with e-currency: not just buying it, but also producing.
Today BTCCHINA allows you to exchange bitcoins for yuan, bitcoins for lightcoins and aitcoins for yuan. Since 2014, users can also open deposits in dollars, RMB and Hong Kong dollars. It should be borne in mind that there is no cloud mining at the stock exchange, but there is own mining pool according to the PROP scheme. Commissions for transactions inside the system are lower than those for third-party services wallets.
Complexity for Russian-speaking users can be that the interface language is Chinese and English, and technical support works only in Chinese.
To work on the stock exchange, you must provide your details: name, first name, patronymic, identity document, etc.


The exchange started its work in 2014. At present, the average daily turnover is 500-1000 BTC. ECOIN provides high-quality and fast service, contains users’ funds on secure accounts and provides trade operations between members of the crypto-exchange.
Trades are made on fiat (USD) and crypto-currencies (LTC, BTC). From similar exchanges ECOIN differs from the absence of commission for trading.
The input and output of the crypto currency is made in automatic mode, US dollars — by bank transfer. It is also possible to use Okpay and Perfect Money.
The interface supports many languages, including English, Russian, Polish, German, French, Italian, Estonian, Lithuanian.
Exchange of the Exchange for other electronic currencies

On our site you can find current exchange rates for Crypto-exchange USD for other electronic payment systems.

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